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2 drug suspects arrested in Massachusetts

At least two people were apprehended in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, due to the suspicion that they were involved in drug trafficking, an article of Falmouth Patch reported on November 14.

According to reports, 34-year-old John Benevides and 26-year-old Ashley Carr were arrested on November 10 by the “proactive anti-crime” teams of the Yarmouth police. Benevides, who had a revoked driver’s license, was seen driving a vehicle with Carr when authorities busted them near their house. Upon arrest, authorities seized 41 grams of heroin, percocet pills, scales, and cash amounting to $2,200. A $10,040 bail was placed on Benevides and a $5,040 bail was imposed on Carr. They were both held in custody while waiting for their appearance at Barnstable District Court after being charged accordingly.

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