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27 Cape drug suspects arrested in sweep

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FALMOUTH – Twenty-seven people were arrested this morning in a round-up of suspects targeted during a two-year investigation of drug dealing on the Upper Cape.

According to sources, at least five of the people were charged on federal warrants and transported to U.S. District Court in Boston to face charges there.

One of those slated to be charged in Falmouth District Court as part of the alleged drug conspiracy is Brian Hunt of Falmouth. Hunt sought the national spotlight in 2009 when his son was one of six teens, ages 12 to 14, who became embroiled in the so-called sexting controversy after sending a cell phone picture of a partially nude 13-year-old female classmate. A clerk magistrate eventually dropped the charges against the teen.

However, Hunt got in trouble on his own last year when he was accused of stealing a Dallas Cowboys banner from a Bourne home, then bragging about it via text message,

Also arrested this morning, though not charged with drug dealing was Vernon M. Pocknett, who is alleged to have attacked police when they showed up to arrest someone who was staying at Pocknett’s Mashpee home. He is charged with assault and battery on a police officer.

The investigation focused on alleged dealing of cocaine and heroin on the Upper Cape and began in Bourne, said a source close to the investigation. The source said that several of those allegedly involved have long been involved with alleged drug dealing and are well known to police. Several have prior arrests, the source said.

Investigators from the Falmouth and Bourne police along with the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Department participated with federal agents in the investigation. They went out early this morning, arrests warrants in hand, to awake and take custody of those suspected.

Police and agents went out early this morning to grab people in their homes.

Among those also arrested and charged in connection with drug distribution are: Angela Antone, Nelson Baptiste, Timothy Bochanski, Dane DeLouche, Joseph Gonsalves, Lea Jones, Kim Lee, Kenneth Mills, Guy Nelson, Douglas Richards, Wayne Silvia, Daniel Tavares, Kelvin Frye, Calvin Frey, Jonathan McGee and Derico Graham.

Three of around 20 suspects have been arraigned in Falmouth District Court on charges of conspiracy to violate drug laws.

Just before 1 p.m., Thomas Hendricks, 54, was charged with two counts of conspiracy to violate drug laws. According to court documents read during his arraignment, he allegedly purchased various amounts of cocaine and heroine on several different occasions.

Angela Young, Hendricks’ codefendant, and Dale Oakley, 52, were arraigned on one count of conspiracy to violate drug laws for allegedly purchasing cocaine on several occasions, court records stated.

According to those court documents, all three were watched during a federal sweep that included wiretapping conversations where the three defendants allegedly asked about purchasing drugs.

Surveillance conducted by local and federal officers allegedly caught the defendants meeting with others to purchase the drugs, who are being arraigned in federal court in Boston today, the records stated.

Calling their clients “little fish” in the federal drug sweep that netted nearly 30 people across the Upper Cape this morning, attorneys for the three defendants successfully lobbied for small amounts of bail to be set.

As of around 1 p.m., Oakley was being held on $500 cash bail, Hendricks on $100 and Young on $1,000.

Other arraignments stemming from the drug sweep are scheduled to begin just after 2 p.m.

More details are expected to be released this afternoon.