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4 men steal from 2 Dollar Stores, now facing organized crime charges

Four men were arrested on Monday, September 23 for organized crime and burglary charges as a result of two separate crimes at different Dollar General stores. The suspects, Jessie Hunter, Tori Ruffins, Dunte Hardy, and Joshua Thornton, were held on a $75,000 bail each in Chambers County Jail, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.

The four men were arrested after Mont Belvieu officers apprehended them on September 23 at around 4:55 a.m., for allegedly stealing cigarettes from the Dollar Store in Eagle Drive, Mont Belvieu. The police made the connection after the markings of the cigarette packages were recognized by the store manager of a nearby Dollar Store in Winnie, where a burglary incident occurred earlier.

It was now being investigated whether the same men were also the ones behind similar crimes that happened in the area.

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