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Burglary, Robbery, and Theft

Theft encompasses a wide range of crimes, and while all variations of theft focus on the intention to steal, they all have different factors that make them unique. The term “theft” describes the taking of people’s property without their explicit consent, and people often use it as the shorthand term for its many variations. Some of the most common forms of theft include robbery and burglary, both of which carry different sentences and penalties. James Powderly is a highly qualified Cape Cod criminal defense attorney dedicated to helping people accused of theft build the strongest possible legal defense for their case.

Differences between Burglary and Robbery

Robbery is the theft of another person’s property that either caused bodily injury in the process or caused the victim to believe he or she was in imminent danger. Robbery has a much more violent inclination than that of common theft, and it can carry some of the highest criminal penalties of any theft crime. Burglary occurs when a person unlawfully enters a place or dwelling with the intent to commit an offense, typically theft. To face burglary charges, a person does not have to commit an offense. The mere unlawful entry into the property is enough to constitute burglary. Due to the differences between burglary and robbery, the crimes carry different criminal punishments, including:

  • Robbery: Up to 99 years in jail
  • Burglary: Up to 20 years in jail

Burglary and robbery are both state felonies and carry significant penalties. It is imperative that people charged with these crimes seek legal representation immediately.

Contact a Cape Cod Theft Attorney

If you or someone you know was charged with any form of theft, you must act fast in order to build the strongest legal defense possible. James Powderly strives to protect the legal rights of all clients no matter the accusations they face. Contact our office at (508) 343-0676 today to learn more about how we can assist you with your theft case.