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Computer Hacking Crimes in Massachusetts

Computer hacking is treated as a very serious breach of security and potential theft. In fact, prosecutors tend to aggressively go after anyone arrested on these charges, aiming to secure heavy penalties that can include jail sentences and drastic punitive fines. As such, people facing these charges typically need a strong and comprehensive legal defense strategy so as to potentially avoid these often severe penalties.

Defining Computer Hacking

Massachusetts’s penal code defines computer hacking and unlawful breaches of a person or organization’s computer security as the following:

  • Accessing a computer or computer service by means that are not authorized
  • Tampering or illegally installing software on a commercial computer service
  • Using false identities or illegally obtained accounts
  • Failing to obtain the owner’s consent
  • Aiding or abetting a hacking crime
  • Attempting or conspiring to commit a hacking crime

Penalties for hacking crimes can range widely, largely based on the circumstances of the crime and the history of the defendant. Defendants with multiple previous convictions may face years in prison, while first-time defendants will often not be given such harsh penalties. However, whether a first-time offender or a multiple offender, a convicted person may be forced to pay substantial financial punishments.

Contact a Criminal Attorney in Cape Cod

If you or someone you love has been arrested on criminal hacking allegations, it may be time to consider speaking with an experienced attorney about defense strategy options. For more information about defending yourself from these charges in Cape Cod, speak with attorney James Powderly today at 508-343-0676.