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Defending Against a Restraining Order

A temporary restraining order issued in a domestic violence case prevents further contact with the accuser as well as any children involved. If you have an restraining order issued against you, whether it is a Domestic Violence Abuse Prevention Order or a Harassment Prevention Order, you are legally required to stop contacting any and all people the restraining order protects.

Steps To Take When A Restraining Order is Filed Against You

When a restraining order is issued against you, it is important to firstly obey all orders contained in it and contact a defense attorney immediately so you can build a valid defense and prevent a temporary restraining order from turning into a permanent one. Some suggestions for what to do after initially receiving a temporary restraining order include:

  • Obey all parts of the temporary restraining order
  • Gather physical evidence regarding any incidents the order refers to
  • Assemble documents or records relating to your whereabouts during alleged incidents
  • Make a list of possible witnesses

This type of information could be very important to your criminal defense attorney, because if a person is making false accusations about you, you may be able to prove otherwise with this type of gathered information and documentation. Our Cape Cod legal team will be able to further guide you on how to proceed.

Contact a Cape Cod Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been given a restraining order, it is important to remember that you still have rights. You are entitled to be notified of the request for any court issued retraining order against you. You are also entitled to a court hearing and a defense. James Powderly, an experienced Cape Cod criminal defense attorney, can defend your rights and ensure you are fairly represented through the entire legal process. Contact the office of attorney James Powderly at (508) 343-0676.