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Defense for Suspended Driver’s License

All traffic violations, from drunk driving to speeding, become much more serious when the driver has a suspended license. Under no circumstances should anyone drive with an invalid driver’s license. The license could be suspended for a number of reasons, and possessing an up-to-date license is very important. Depending on the situation, certain methods of defense could result in the dismissal of these charges. Discuss these options with an experienced defense attorney if you find yourself charged with driving with a suspended driver’s license.

Common Defenses for Driving with a Suspended License

Some cases of driving with a suspended license can be dismissed with a strong defense. In the state of Massachusetts, these are some of the most common defenses that have succeeded:

  • The Defendant was illegally stopped by the police
  • The Defendant never received notice of the license suspension
  • Notice of the license suspension was not properly provided
  • The Defendant was not operating the vehicle
  • The summons by the police was not issued in a correct or timely manner.

Massachusetts treats these cases seriously and if convicted, subsequent penalties can include jail time or fines. Charges are viewed as misdemeanors. An experienced legal team can assist you if you are facing consequences for incidents involving a suspended driver’s license.

Contact a Cape Cod Defense Attorney

If you want to explore defense options for a suspended license charge in Cape Cod, defense attorney James Powderly may assist you in the process. To speak with him today, call 508-343-0676, and learn more about your legal options.