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False Rape Accusations

The consequences of a rape conviction can be severe. What can make your rape charge even more terrifying is when an individual makes accusations of rape in a situation where no rape ever occurred. The nature of rape makes it relatively difficult to prove or disprove, and in many ways the jury may be more inclined to believe and sympathize with the accuser. All of this makes it even more vital that individuals wrongfully charged with rape should get in touch with a criminal defense attorney.

Why Would Anyone Make False Rape Claims?

You may ask yourself why on earth anyone would make false rape claims when the associated ramifications can be so severe. However, there are four common motivations for making false accusations of rape:

  1. Hiding an affair or infidelity.
  2. Covering up or excusing promiscuous behavior.
  3. Seeking revenge.
  4. Garnering sympathy.

There are no good reasons to levy false rape accusations against an innocent individual. Unfortunately, there are bad people out there who will take advantage of the legal system if they think they can get away with it. As such, a criminal defense attorney is prepared to help protect your rights and seek justice to any wrongful charges of rape.

Contact a Rape Defense Attorney in Cape Cod Today

If you have been falsely accused of rape and are in need of legal assistance in Cape Cod, feel free to get in touch with attorney James Powderly in order to ensure that your rights are protected. Call James Powdlerly at 508-343-0676 today.