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Fighting Drug Charges with a Defense Attorney

Drug charges carry the possibility of serious penalties that may be handed down in the event that the prosecution is able to convict you. Accordingly, if you are facing drug charges you will need to do everything you can to protect yourself in the coming legal process against a prosecution team that is likely to take a pretty hard line against you.

Protect Yourself from the Consequences of a Conviction

Though drug charges are serious, you must remember that you will have the opportunity to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend yourself both in and out of court. Our legal team is prepared to fight on your behalf against any of the following drug-related charges:

  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Distribution
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Conspiracy Charges

Even though the details of your case are likely to be unique, our legal team in Cape Cod can help you develop a legal strategy to help you defend your rights and protect your rights throughout the entirety of the coming legal process.

Consult with a Drug Crime Defense Attorney in Cape Cod

If you have been charged with a drug crime by Cape Cod law enforcement, you should consult with the Cape Cod drug crime defense attorney James Powderly as early on in the legal process as possible. To speak with a defense attorney in Cape Cod about the particulars of the charges that have been leveled against you, please call (508) 343-0676 today.