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Penalties for First Offense Cocaine Possession

Drug crimes are handled strictly in the state of Massachusetts and can be punished severely, depending on what drug crime a person is charged with. Possession of cocaine is one charge in particular that typically is accompanied by harsh penalties, some of which could permanently alter a person’s life. While these penalties will vary based on the exact offense a person is facing, attorney James Powderly knows that anyone in Cape Cod who is facing any type of cocaine possession charge is likely frightened and worried about the potential outcome.

Possible Penalties of Cocaine Possession

When it comes to cocaine possession charges, the penalties will vary based on the specific charge. For those facing a first offense charge, the penalties might be as follows:

  • First offense cocaine possession – Fines not exceeding $1,000, losing your driver’s license, and prison time not exceeding 1 year
  • First offense cocaine possession with intent to distribute – between $1,000 and $10,000 fine, prison for up to 1o years (or 2.5 years in a House of Correction), and suspension of driver’s license

Should a person be charged with a multiple offense, the penalties they could face will likely be more severe. Regardless of what drug crime you are charged with, however, having the support of a skilled defense attorney can be critical to protecting your rights and freedoms.

Talk with a Defense Attorney in Cape Cod about Cocaine Possession

If you are facing charges of cocaine possession, then you should consider consulting with an attorney that you can trust fully and who has experience defending others facing similar charges. Criminal defense attorney James Powderly can be your voice in court and might be able to reduce or eliminate your charge. Get in touch today by calling 508-343-0676 and discuss your situation.