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What Affects Sentencing?

If a person is convicted of criminal charges or pleads guilty, he or she may face strict penalties levied by the court. However, in some cases, defendants may be given more severe sentencing than normal depending on a range of factors. In these situations, a defendant may need to work especially hard to establish certain facts in the case to avoid additional punitive sentencing. Otherwise, he or she may face higher fines, longer incarceration, and more. Thus, defendants in Cape Cod should turn to lawyer James Powderly for help with protecting them from extra sentencing.

Factors in Sentencing

Certain factors play considerable roles in how sentencing is determined in a case. Depending on the case, a defendant may face significant upgrades in sentencing, jumping from sentences without incarceration to potentially years in prison. These sentencing factors can include the following:

  • Prior convictions
  • Motives linked to the crime
  • Use of any deadly weapons during the crime
  • If anyone was harmed during the crime
  • Where the crime occurred
  • The extent of the crime
  • Whether plea bargains were accepted

Defendants may be able to argue against more punitive sentencing as a part of their defense strategies. Even in cases where a defendant has multiple convictions, he or she may be able to argue against other factors, such as the crime’s motive.

Contact an Attorney in Cape Code to Discuss Your Sentencing

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you may want to discuss your defense options at length with a qualified, experienced legal defender. For more information about how we may be able to help you fight these charges or work towards a more favorable plea bargain, contact attorney James Powderly today by calling 508-343-0676.