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What Constitutes Domestic Violence?

While domestic violence is punishable by law, actions that constitute domestic violence can be expansive and the corresponding laws can seem vague. When two people are in an intimate relationship and one uses violence, verbal threats, or any other form of intimidation, domestic violence is evident. Whether the abuse is inflicted by a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse is irrelevant to whether it is an act of domestic violence. If the defendant is found guilty of his or her domestic violence charges, the severity and surrounding factors of the abusive act will determine its consequences. Cape Cod defense attorney James Powderly has experience handling domestic violence cases, and aims to build strong defenses in order to secure the integrity of defendants’ futures. Strategic defenses can minimize punishments, or have them dropped altogether.

Types of Abuse

Domestic violence is not always easily identifiable, and can come in many forms. Types of domestic violence include:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Economical abuse
  • Psychological abuse

While there are many types, each revolves around the perceived idea that a partner is trying to control the other in an intimidating or threatening manner. Each form can be tried under domestic violence, and therefore can lead to protective orders, jail sentences, fines, and a tarnished criminal record.

Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Cape Cod

If you have been accused of domestic violence, seeking legal advice is an important step to ensure an ideal outcome. Cape Cod defense attorney James Powderly is prepared to discuss your case and possibly help you build a strong defense. To learn more about how James Powderly can help with your case, callĀ 508-343-0676.