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Attorney Powderly’s Client Acquitted of Manslaughter Charge

After a week long trial at the Fall River Superior Court Jose Rodriguez was found Not Guilty by a jury of a Manslaughter charge stemming from the death of an individual in Attleboro. A Manslaughter conviction carries up to twenty years in the State Prison. The Bristol County District Attorney’s Office pursued an indictment against Mr. Rodriguez, a Central Falls Rhode Island resident, alleging he had sold heroin which led to the overdose death of a an Attleboro man. To prevail on a charge of Involuntary Manslaughter, the prosecution must prove the defendant engaged in “wanton and reckless” conduct which causes the death of another. In this case, the prosecutors’ theory was that the defendant’s sale of heroin constituted “wanton and reckless” behavior and that action was the proximate cause of the death of the individual who ultimately overdosed. The deceased allegedly ingested the heroin and immediately began to overdose and died shortly after. An autopsy and toxicology report showed lethal levels of both Heroin and Cocaine in his system. Two individuals who were with the deceased at the time of his ingestion of heroin testified for the prosecution as well as an EMT, a Medical Examiner and Attleboro Police Detectives. Criminal Defense Attorney James Powderly represented Mr. Rodriguez at trial.