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Cape Cod Drug Distribution Lawyer

Out of all the drug-related offenses, drug distribution carries some of the stiffest potential penalties. These include high fines and potential jail time and vary according to the type and quantity of drug involved. But being charged with a distribution offense is not the same thing as being sentenced. An aggressive and capable criminal defense lawyer may be able to lower your charges, or even have them dismissed entirely.

James Powderly is one of Massachusetts’s most respected and experienced criminal defense attorneys. He has obtained outright dismissals and acquittals for hundreds of clients facing charges ranging from Drug Trafficking to Manslaughter. If you or a loved one faces drug distribution charges, contact James Powderly immediately for a free consultation about your case. Call (508) 343-0676 at any time, day or night, or fill out an online form here. You will not be able to find a more aggressive or effective defender of your rights in the state.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Drug distribution charges for class A or B drugs can potentially result in up to 10 years of jail time, even for a first-time offender. However, prosecutors’ cases are often not as solid as they would like you to believe. Any evidence gained by illegal searches, warrants issued without adequate probable cause, or other violations of your rights may be suppressed, leaving prosecutors without a tenable case.

With stakes this high, you cannot afford not to hire a lawyer. A good criminal defense lawyer will investigate every aspect of a prosecutor’s case to look for possible weaknesses and irregularities. They can challenge or suppress the evidence used against you, seek to lower your charges to a lesser offense, or press for alternatives to incarceration.

If you have been charged with drug distribution, you should not say or do anything without first speaking to a lawyer. Police and state prosecutors are always looking for things to use against you and may use even seemingly innocent comments as proof of guilt. If you have been charged with drug distribution, call (508) 343-0676 immediately to protect yourself from unnecessary incrimination.

Why Choose James Powderly?

James Powderly has obtained outright acquittals and dismissals for hundreds of clients faced with criminal charges like drug distribution. Unlike some other criminal defense attorneys, he won’t try to rush you to a plea bargain or waive your right to a trial. He is comfortable and experienced in a courtroom, having seen more than 100 criminal trials to completion.

Powderly is widely recognized for his abilities in the legal world. According to The American Institute of Criminal Defense Attorneys, he is one of the ten best lawyers in Massachusetts, while the National Trial Lawyers have cited him as one of the top 40 under 40 trial lawyers in America.

The right lawyer can make all the difference to the outcome of your drug distribution charge. Some lawyers may immediately pressure you to take a plea bargain; others may only dabble in criminal defense as one of many areas of law. When you are facing a charge like drug distribution, you cannot afford either of these kinds of attorneys. What you want is someone who specializes in criminal defense, and who is unafraid of taking your case to court if necessary.

With a drug distribution charge, you cannot do better than Cape Cod attorney James Powderly. He is committed and passionate about fighting for his clients’ rights and has gained a national reputation successfully defending his clients from criminal charges like drug distribution. Call (508) 343-0676 today to see what James Powderly can do for your case.

Drug Distribution Charges: What You Need to Know

Massachusetts law makes no difference between distribution and possession with intent to distribute. Both fall under the same state statutes and both carry the same punishments, depending on the class of the drug involved. Distribution of class A, B, or C drugs is considered a felony. The distribution of class D or E drugs, however, is only a misdemeanor if it is your first offense.

Class A, B, and C drugs include most common street drugs, like heroin, cocaine, and oxycontin, as well as amphetamines like Adderall or Ritalin. Class D or E include controlled prescription drugs like benzodiazepines, as well as limited amounts of medicinal narcotics. You can find out exactly which class each drug falls into here.

Types of Distribution Charges

As mentioned earlier, Massachusetts law makes little distinction between distribution and possession with intent to distribute. However, depending on your situation, you will still be charged with one or the other offence – your defense will depend on which one.

  • Possession with intent to distribute: Massachusetts, unlike other states, doesn’t rely on the quantity of a drug in order to distinguish between simple possession and possession with intent. This can be both a good and bad thing for those caught with drugs. On the one hand, the authorities might accept that the two or three grams of cocaine found was simply for personal use. However, it also allows them to press distribution charges even if you were discovered with small amounts of a drug. Because quantity doesn’t matter, the charge of possession with intent often depends on a great deal of circumstantial evidence. Prosecutors may use evidence like baggies, drug packaging, or even a witness’s testimony to demonstrate that you intended to distribute the substance. A good defense lawyer may be able to successfully challenge these claims and reduce your charge to the lesser offense of simple possession.
  • Distribution: The charge of distribution requires that the exchange of a drug actually happened. As with possession with intent, prosecutors can charge you with distribution no matter how small the quantity was. However, if you were discovered with over a certain amount of a drug you may also face drug trafficking charges. The amount will vary depending on each drug – for example, you need at least 20 grams of cocaine or heroin to face a trafficking charge, but only 10 grams of Fentanyl.

Contact James Powderly Today

With a serious charge like drug distribution, it is essential to have a lawyer you can trust. Call James Powderly today at (508) 343-0676 to set up a free consultation about your case.