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Hyannis man arrested for possessing 16 lbs of marijuana

A Hyannis resident was recently taken into custody after authorities recovered a total 16 pounds of marijuana in his possession during a bust in Centerville.

According to reports, Barnstable Police arrested Shawn White, 37, after detectives found the 16 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of his vehicle on November 17. Detectives were initially notified of a suspicious package by a postal service employee. A K9 unit was dispatched to investigate the package, and the dog indicated that it did contain a narcotic. Officers then set up a controlled delivery to the intended recipient, whereupon they encountered White and discovered the rest of his supply.

White now faces charges of possessing a Class D narcotic, marijuana, with intent to distribute. White has been released on a $500 bail and awaits trial.

Facing drug-related charges, such as the possession of a narcotic, can result in heavy fines, extended jail time, and severe damage to your reputation. If you are currently facing criminal charges in Cape Cod, contact criminal defense lawyer James Powderly by calling (508) 343-0676 today to discuss your case and learn how he can be of assistance to you.