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Man arrested at Cape Cod Community College

By Robert Gold – The Cape Cod Times
Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WEST BARNSTABLE — A man was taken into custody at Cape Cod Community College Tuesday afternoon after a female student “felt threatened” by him according to college officials.

Police swarmed the campus around 2 p.m. and students were warned to stay away from the Lyndon P. Lorusso Applied Technology Building.

The man, not a student, was taken into custody after police found him in one of the parking lots, said college spokesman Michael Gross. No weapons were involved and no one was hurt, said college spokesman Michael Gross.

Wesley Kabakjian, 20, of Falmouth, was arrested and charged with disturbing a school assembly, assault and domestic violence, according to Barnstable police Sgt. Mark Mellyn.

Kabakjian didn’t threaten to hurt the 18-year-old female, but he faces the assault charge because he left her in fear, Mellyn said. The suspect and female student had a prior dating relationship, the police said.

Kabakjian faces a 10 a.m. arraignment hearing today in Barnstable District Court. The police said he has no previous criminal record.

According to Barnstable police, Kabakjian confronted the female student in the school gym. She didn’t want to speak with him and ran to the nearby Lorusso building.

Kabakjian allegedly ran after her to the building and the female student and one of her female friends hid in a bathroom. Kabakjian did not follow her into the bathroom, Mellyn said.

Gross said police were flooded with 911 calls about some sort of problem. College officials knew they had a possible “emergency” on their hand but weren’t sure what it was.

College president Kathleen Schatzberg sent out an e-mail to all staff and students at 2 p.m., Gross said. It read: “We have an emergency situation developing into the Lorusso Building, details as yet unclear. Police are arriving as I sent this message.” The e-mail also stated that everyone was “instructed to stay away from the Lorusso Building until further notice.”

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