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Pair Charged with Drug Offenses stemming from Arrests by the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force

An Edgartown man and out of state man are facing drug offenses related to the seizure of cocaine and prescription xanax pills.  The offense include the illegal distribution of  Class B and Class E substances and conspiracy to violate the drug law.  Members of the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force indicated they had been conducting a four month investigation of one of the individuals who they had suspected was distributing narcotics on Martha’s Vineyard.  An Edgartown police offer’s report detailing the investigation indicated a number of controlled purchases of illegal narcotics had been conducted.  Controlled purchases often called controlled buys involved the police, in an undercover capacity, arranging for the purchase of drugs from the suspected dealer.  Either an undercover police officer or a confidential informant who is working for the police will make contact with the dealer and conduct a transaction.  When a CI is being used, the police will typically search the CI to make sure he has no drugs already on him, provide him with the buy money and then maintain surveillance of the CI as he goes and conducts the transaction with the suspected dealer.  Surveillance is genrally kept until the CI meets back with the police and delivers the drugs just purchased.  It is unclear in this case whether an undercover officer or CI was used for the controlled buys.  Upon the arrest of one of the males, police found 20 suspected xanax pills and seven bags of suspected cocaine.  The other male was arrested inside a residence where the police located on him 10 suspected oxycodone pills and 7 xanax pills.  Also located in a bedroom of the residence were 60 suspected oxycodone pills and 23 xanax pills.