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Teenager arrested for alleged sexual assault at a concert

A teenager was recently arrested at a concert in Mansfield, Massachusetts after he was accused of sexually assaulting a girl while other people in the area witnessed the event, according to an article in the Daily News published on July 28.

Reports said the alleged assault occurred at a Keith Urban concert at the Xfinity Center. Witnesses saw 18-year-old Sean Murphy led a 17-year-old girl to a lawn area after kissing her. Some people in the area who witnessed the alleged sexual assault took images and videos of the event, but eventually, a woman came and pulled Murphy away from the girl. He was later arrested and charged with one count of rape in Attleboro District Court where he pleaded not guilty. Investigators believe that Murphy and the girl, who was not identified, were both drunk at the time of the event, and his attorneys are claiming that the act was consensual.

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