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“When I got arrested for a DUI, I was a 1st time offender with a breathalyzer result of .157. Attorney Powderly was able to beat the DUI and thanks to him it won’t appear on my record. I would highly recommend Attorney Powderly.”

– C.K.

“I hired James Powderly to represent me as my lawyer and the ball started rolling immediately. With the number of court dates consequent with DUI and refusal, James and his team of attorneys were there every step of the way, explaining what was going to happen, what they were going to do, and what the expected outcome would be. The team of James Powderly really put my mind at ease and made the impact of this ordeal minimal. The outcome of this ordeal was great! James and his team saved my job and kept my record clean… If you get in the situation I was in, I recommend James Powderly! I have been recommending him to all my friends in the event they face the same offense!”

– C.C.

“When I was looking for an attorney, I wanted someone who would go above and beyond to defend me. James Powderly was the first lawyer to call me back. He was very professional and understood that I was dealing with a difficult situation. He answered every question I had and always made me feel comfortable when I was worried or concerned about my case. I felt a sense of relief after talking with James. Not only was he prompt, he was very dependable and thorough the entire time. James Powderly is an attorney that “does not leave one stone unturned” when it comes to defending your rights. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an efficient Attorney.”

– M.H.

“I am a registered nurse who was charged with dui and breathalyzer refusal. I highly recommend attorney James Powderly. He is an expert on all related laws and has great working relationships with prosecutors and judges. He was able to get the dui dropped and expunged from my record in a matter of weeks. It’s as if I was never charged with a dui at all. If you are serious about defending your name and reputation, do yourself a favor and accept the instant chat on this website. Most likely, James Powderly is the lawyer for you.”

– C.S.

“I was facing a DUI and Chemical Refusal 2nd offense. I contacted Atty. Powderly to see what could be done. After retaining Atty. Powderly he began working my case immediately. I was looking at 1-2 year loss of my driver’s license. I’m a supervisor with 50 employees. Losing my license would have been devastating to my career. Once Atty. Powderly received all the facts of my case, we decided to take it to trial and fight it.
The trial was very fast, Atty. Powderly was awesome in the court room, the judge found me not guilty on both charges. I would very much recommend Atty. Powderly for your trial!!!”

– J.D.R.

“I made a great decision by hiring Attorney James Powderly when I was facing DUI charges… I would definitely hire Attorney Powderly again and of course refer him to my family and friends who may need the representation of an intelligent and dependable attorney who goes the extra mile for his clients. Thank you and best of luck with your practice.”


“When my son got in trouble, he tried to handle it himself, when he realized he needed to tell us, he found Attorney Powderly on line. I am so pleased, all charges were dropped, my family cannot thank him enough for a better than I could of expected outcome!”

-Lynn T.

“Attorney Powderly was an immeasurable help to me throughout my DUI and Chemical Refusal charges. He helped me get the fast and effective service I needed to help my situation. Being represented by Attorney Powderly and his office gave me the confidence I needed in the courtroom. Thank you very much! “


I found Attorney Powderly to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and responsive to requests for information….I feel confident that Attorney Powderly’s skills resulted in the best outcome possible in my case. I would highly recommend his services to anybody facing prosecution for DUI in Rhode Island. B.B.


“Attorney Powderly was very knowledgeable and professional from the first telephone conversation we had concerning my case. Attorney Powderly was able to get my speeding ticket, and DUI criminal charges dismissed. I received the minimum penalties allowed by law (for breath test refusal). He saved me thousands of dollars in fines and enabled the expungement of DUI charge to prevent a criminal record which would have been detrimental to my future job outlook and welfare. I wish I could change the events of my arrest but the one thing that I would do exactly the same was calling Attorney Powderly. He really made a difference. I would highly recommend him to any one who needed legal services. Thanks for everything Attorney Powderly.”

– James M.

“When I was arrested for a DUI, I felt I was falsely accused. There was no way I wanted this charge on my record as it would have ruined my life and career. Attorney Powderly’s presence in the court and knowledge, as well as his well known reputation, spared this from happening. I was referred to as “being represented by VERY competent counsel” and that’s when I began to relax. With Attorney Powderly handling my case I knew this charge would not affect my future. The DUI charge was dismissed. My life has returned to normal. I credit having Attorney Powderly for this happening.”

– Lori P.

“I retained Attorney Powderly and found him to be a consummate professional and very knowledgeable of the legal system. I also retained him to represent an immediate family member and again his performance was exceptional. I found in both cases he went the extra mile. I highly recommend him.”

– Robert K.

“Attorney Powderly was able to get all criminal charges dismissed, preliminary refusal dismissed, speeding ticket dismissed and minimum penalties allowed by law (for breath test refusal). He saved me thousands of dollars in fines and tickets. His experience must be recognized and his knowledge must be praised. There were many things that I would have changed the night I was arrested, but the one thing that I would do exactly the same was calling Attorney Powderly. He really made a difference. Thanks for everything!”

– Lori H.

“Attorney Powderly was informative, effective in court and very helpful to our family. I would recommend him for any legal services.”

– Leslie L.

“Attorney Powderly had my two felony charges dropped, and the minimum penalties for my misdemeanor enforced. I can now move on with my life with very little damage caused from my major mistakes.”

– G.M.

“I remember the feeling of fear after I was arrested and the feeling I felt when Attorney Powderly called to tell me that my case had been resolved with an incredible resolution. Attorney Powderly really went to bat for me and I would give him my highest recommendation to anyone facing serious criminal charges.”

– A.K.

“I had been stopped and charged with DUI and a chemical refusal 1st offense. I am in my forty’s and was very concerned about the impact to my professional career and the consequences. I have always tried to do the right thing and this was the worst mistake I had made. On very short notice I was referred to Attorney James Powderly. I contacted his website, started a chat and shortly thereafter Attorney James contacted me by phone. In detail he explained his services and agreed to represent me. That was on a Friday. On Monday he was in court by my side. He was able to get the DUI dismissed which was my main objective. He was professional, compassionate and handled everything. I am very grateful for his ability to accomplish what he said he could and for his kindness and understanding throughout the whole proceedings. I highly recommend Attorney James Powderly without hesitation or reservation for anyone finding themselves in similiar circumstances.”

– C.C.