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“Twista” among 4 arrested for possessing marijuana in Porter County

Porter County police recently arrested hip hop artist “Twista” and three other individuals while on their way to a concert on a charge of marijuana possession, a March 25 article of Chicago Tribune reported.

Reports stated on March 24 the 42-year-old rapper, whose real name is Carl Terrell Mitchell, was riding in a vehicle with three others on the eastbound lane of U.S. 6 when Corporal Paul Czupryn noticed their vehicle driving too close to another vehicle. Twista and his group reportedly were on their way to Big Shots in South Haven for a concert. Upon apprehension, Twista and three others were taken to Porter County Jail after Czupryn detected marijuana odor inside their vehicle. Police also stated that they recovered nearly half an ounce of marijuana inside the vehicle occupied by Twista. Police later discharged Twista and his group after posting a $500 cash bond.

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