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Two face drug charges in Hyannis

Two individuals in Hyannis, Massachusetts, are facing charges after authorities allegedly recovered several ounces of marijuana and other paraphernalia in their possession on the afternoon of Sunday, October 11.

Reports said 44-year-old Jay Blalock and a woman, whose name was withheld, were arrested after personnel from the Street Crime Unit noticed them during a patrol of eastern Hyannis. Blalock, who was sitting alone in the passenger seat of a vehicle, was approached by authorities at around 2:30 p.m. after they observed what appeared to be suspicious behavior. The woman, who owned the vehicle, was seen walking towards the car and was also stopped by officers.

During the course of their search, authorities recovered five ounces of marijuana on Blalock in addition to more of the drug and distribution materials in the vehicle and on the woman’s person. Blalock and the woman were both charged with Class D marijuana possession with a plan to distribute.

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